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Unlike other lifts, ours contain absolutely no environmental hazards

such as hydraulic fluid, oil, grease, or zinc.  US Patent # US 7,552,495B1  Other patents pending.
Back in 1996 we decided to purchase some floating boat lifts for some space in our Marina that was not being utilized. We purchased 10 Safe Haven Boat Lifts which consisted of 5 Retreat 2's and 5 Harbors. We have been extremely happy with our purchase. The Safe Haven Boat Lifts have worked flawless since day one.| John P. Thomas, Tolers Cove Marina

And this is what we offer. Our latest products

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  • portfolio slider image Retreat

    The Retreat is the perfect lift for most types of watercrafts 10-15’ in length. [...]

  • portfolio slider image Retreat 2

    The Retreat 2 works great for docks with less than 1' of water. [...]

  • portfolio slider image Retreat 2 Solar

    The Retreat 2 Solar Hybrid is perfect for owners of heavier boats. [...]

  • portfolio slider image Harbor System

    The Harbor lifts were built with very large or heavy boats in mind. [...]

  • portfolio slider image Hideaway

    The Hideaway is the perfect lift for 3-seat and heavier Jet Skis models. [...]